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Was beabsichtigen Sie dort mit Ihrem Messeauftritt?

Bendiek: Die Hannover Messe ist für uns die große Leistungsschau von Microsoft.

Later, Rancho begins dating Virus' daughter Pia (Kareena Kapoor), and gradually begins to gain the dean's respect.

Flashing back to the present day, Farhan and Raju uncover some previously unknown facts about their old friend that leads them to question everything they ever thought they knew about him. Oh, I’ve seen snippets when I was channel-surfing and happen to pass Star India but I’ve never had any interest in them since I don’t understand Hindi and that these Bollywood productions tend to have a lot of song-and-dance productions inserted somewhere in a movie.

So when a friend loaned me a copy of 3 Idiots and told me that it’s worth an afternoon, I just shrugged and thanked her.


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