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Until the 1990s, it tended to be described mostly as acrotomophilia, at the expense of other disabilities, or of the wish by some to pretend or acquire disability.Bruno (1997) systematised the attraction as factitious disability disorder.

There are a number of options within Disabled Passions to help connect members, including the following: Disabled ‘Groups’ allow members to find others who share very specific interests / similarities.

Disabled Forums allow members to post on topics of interest.

Disabled People around the World are looking for Help, since there are many governments who don't give any support to people with a Disability. Here are the people who contacted us and need your help right now.

(They are not looking for a relationship, but they are looking for Help!

Those attracted often cherish early memories of a sexuoerotic tragedy (a "first sighting") involving an object of their future attention, often an older member of the opposite sex, as stereotypical in paraphilic etiology.