Why data updating is important

April 28th, 2017 / By Barbara Aubry, RN This month, I had planned to share some good news on population health, but that will have to wait until next month.

I literally just got off a call with CMS on their newly reinforced data reporting required for routine post-operative care.

There are two new versions available, depending on what build you used for your PASSOFT installation: Yosemite and El Capitan (using the 10.10 passcal-osx-10.10-2015.139build): the current and latest version is 'rt2ms 2016.083 Developmental' Pre-Yosemite (using PASSOFT_or any older builds): the current and latest version is 'rt2ms 2016.098 Developmental' Linux: the current and latest version is 'rt2ms 2016.098 Developmental' PASSCAL Own Cloud link to patched rt2ms https://cloud.edu/index.php/s/u2ISy AWj Vq Mq SC6 Choose the version (2016.083 or 2016.098) based on your computer OS and PASSOFT distribution.

Most field laptops newer than May 1, 2016 already have the latest version of rt2ms.

If you don't want your i OS device to stay connected to the Internet when you have a poor Wi-Fi connection, you can disable Wi-Fi Assist. You can easily manage which apps are able to use data.