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He was also reportedly hoping to take Tiny and their two sons — Major Philant Harris, 8, and Clifford “King” Joseph Harris III, 12 — to the Super Bowl to try and bring the whole family back together. A source told Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY that the singer even made a promise to the little boys that he and Tiny “weren’t leaving each other and that he’d never upset her.” But now that he’s got another beautiful woman on his arm on the red carpet, he could be sending the wrong message to Tiny. First, the rise of the internet changed the way that people got information and shared it with each other, affecting everything from users’ basic social relationships to the way that they work, learn, and take care of themselves.

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Blogger Fameolous received a TIP that Bernice was recently in Vegas with T. She was said to be with him, alone, with no other female friends in tow.

While enjoying festivities for tonight’s big game, T. turned heads in Houston when he walked a red carpet with a new woman.

An unconfirmed tip was sent to Industry On Blast, claiming that the pair were spotted together in Las Vegas. I.’s photos, which further fueled rumors that something may be going on.

This week, reports surfaced that the rapper turned actor was low-key dating the popular video model who was once romantically linked to rapper Drake. And Bernice also left an affectionate emoji under one of T. Earlier this year, the couple reportedly reconciled.

That woman is actually Kristen Ingram and she’s the head of affiliate marketing for the NFL.


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