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Alive, inanimate, dead, and fictional, all things make twenty.

For most things, once finished, the point of twenty years is a meaningless landmark; an arbitrary cultural milestone that fetishizes even numbers.

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Indeed, the product of interest has often finished long before a twenty mark, particularly media products.

In any case, we’re just finding a good excuse to remember something we love(d) – to celebrate via a magic number.

Click here for my recently posted review of the original Wishmaster, a movie that doesnt match its potential but isnt without its charms nonetheless.

Easily the best of this quartet, its buoyed by the spirited desire to deliver a love letter to horror fans in the form of notable cameos and KNB going absolutely wild with the rest of the budget.

To say the Vestron legacy has a deep roster is an understatement, so the announcement understandably sent horror fans into a bit of frenzy, and, thus far, Lionsgate has accommodated with a nice mix of cult favorites in need of an upgrade (Chopping Mall & The Gate come to mind), deeper cuts (like Lair of the White Worm and Blood Diner), and even some unexpected choices like CHUD II and Parents.