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To see the letter "C" in your dream symbolizes the passage of a waking day.

It often appears in intuitive dreams that are pointing to a situation that will occur the next day.

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These unicorns were playful and beautiful, they wanted to be known and shared but only now have I been able to speak of them.

They invited me to paint them, to create healing cards featuring them and share them in any way I could with others.

This symbolism is supported by the fact that the letter D is the 4th letter of the alphabet where 4 in numerology symbolizes sacrifice. To dream of a daffodil represents feeling good noticing someone showing you that they will always "be there" for you.

Feeling good noticing someone showing you how supportive they are of you. Feeling good appreciating someone who is showing you they will always "have your back." Negatively, daffodils may reflect unrequited love.

It is also said that only those with an open and pure heart and mind will ever see the unicorn appear physically.