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Sutton-upon-Trent was granted to him as his share of the spoils, to have and to hold forever, and so the Norman became English Sutton.

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The chronicles of England show the early records of the name Sutton to be derived from the Norman race. S., and its history is interwoven within the majestic tapestry which contains the history of England.

The first Sutton was a Norman, and in the train of William the Conqueror when he started out upon his never-to-be-forgotten expedition.

There were the Suttons of Sutton in Holdernesse; the Suttons of Sutton-Madoc in Shropshire; and the Suttons of Sutton-in- Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. Claudius Foster SUTTON /11 b 1865 12/11/1869, d 1/04/1932 married Virginia Mildred Oliver b 6/01/1883 daughter of Benjamin F.