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If Rumer Willis and her sisters were the children of a typical middle class family, Demi would be the soccer mom that picked them up from school in high heels and a halter top and Two years after an affair with the very married Rupert Sanders basically put a final nail in the coffin of her relationship with Robert Pattinson and cast a serious shadow over her career, you’d think that Kristen Stewart would have learned som Demi Moore has been dating a young piece for most of 2014.

His name is Sean Friday and he’s all of 27 years old. It’s not so much the age difference, for me at least.

a listen knows that the chemistry between the California crooner and the Detroit MC is uncanny. It was as if Sean Don and Jhene were much closer than the brother/sister bond they claim to have.

Those images still lingering, the duo now continues to ignite rumors that they are a couple.

Sean takes Emma by the hand and leads her onto the dance floor and they then share a dance together. is using their platform to advertise irrelevent products, and only reporting on one side of a story. Later, Emma and Sean instant message each other in the computer lab at school, and joke about the incident.