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When Brenda gets caught in the act when Jim and Cindy run into Brenda with Dylan at the beach club, she runs away and into Dylan's house.On Scott's 16th birthday, his mother gives Donna and David the responsibility of rounding up people for his birthday party to save it from being a social disaster.Brandon returns to work for the summer at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, with Andrea now working there as the child-care supervisor.

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The season concluded on May 19, 1993 after 30 episodes.

This season follows the friends during the summer and their senior year of high school as they deal with everyday teenage issues such as sex, infidelity, relationships, child molestation, hit and runs, racial discrimination, gang violence, expulsion, pollution, gambling, drug abuse, eating disorders, body image, student strikes, grief, illegal situations and their impending futures.

She is best known for her roles in the 1990s series Beverly Hills and 90210. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with bachelor’s degree in liberal arts.

She grew up in Arizona with her twin brother James.

Also, Andrea becomes openly jealous at Brandon for dating Emily who takes up Brandon's time and hers. I liked the character of Scott and I think the way he died is just really depressing.