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The journey is punctuated by what he calls ‘rendezvous points’, junctures in the evolutionary phylogenies which in forward time would be the occasion for major groups to split off from our common descent and proceed on their own independent evolutionary saga.

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The final tale closes with a comment from the bacterium ‘Look at life from our perspective, and you eukaryotes will soon cease giving yourselves such airs.

You bipedal apes, you stump-tailed tree shrews, you desiccated lobe-fins, you vertebrated worms, you Hoxed-up sponges, you newcomers on the block, you eukaryotes, you barely distinguishable congregations of a monotonously narrow parish, you are little more than fancy froth on the surface of bacterial life. We were here before you arrived, and we shall be here after you are gone’ (p. The lesson, of course, is the non-specialness of humans in the grand scheme of life.

After talking in depth for the first time, they came to be friends.

While at college she broke up with her fiancé, a former Royal Navy officer.

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