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Clients are becoming more cautious, she believes, and advertising more discreet.

“I’m not hurting anybody.” In the last several months, though, Raven, 33, has noticed small changes cropping up in her industry.

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(We were both clothed during the interview, for those of you who might wonder, though fair disclosure, I wrote some of this while in my pajamas.) Sarah turned out to be far more than the “dumb naked chick” portrayed in the media, but was a thoughtful, poised individual, with a great head on top of her admittedly attractive shoulders.

Sarah’s "Naked Therapy" business started, first, with an idea of offering “naked” coding and programming assistance.

But, distinct from any other therapist or coach I know of, Sarah disrobes during the session, and allows her clients to also disrobe, and even masturbate.

Sarah’s business has gotten a lot of media attention, due to the salacious nature of her services.

In interviews with the, sex workers in five cities across Canada, all contacted through a popular sexual services website and identified here by their work names, said uncertainty over the new regulations has pushed some clients away and made business harder for them in other ways.