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Reverend Matthew Bode has been with his husband since 2010, after the two met through mutual friends in the Michigan community where they do social-justice work.

In 2013, they wed at a public religious ceremony attended by loved ones.

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The victims are as young as 12, tricked into the sex trade by “Romeo” pimps who sell a dream of money, love and security.

Every day, an increasing number of teenagers and young women are being trafficked across Ontario and forced to work as prostitutes in what has become one of the fastest growing crimes in the province, a Star investigation found.

Court watchers say the justices are likely to be closely divided along conservative-liberal lines, with Justice Anthony M.

Kennedy widely seen as having the pivotal vote on the nine-member bench.

This report documents the human rights impact of the SSMPA on LGBT individuals and its effects on the activities of non-governmental organizations that provide services to LGBT people.