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Ostomy-related questions Intimacy & Dating Food Advice, Healthy Eating & Recipes Sports, Workout and Healthy Lifestyle Let's talk!

Just for Laughs Tips Ostomy reversal Ostomy products Innovations, improvements, ideas & knowledge Thoughts before and after the Surgery Questions not related to ostomy Traveling Insurance Art, music, movies, plays and concerts Videos Social Discussions While I am the editor of my Ostomy groups newsletter I find it hard to recruit the younger generations to come to the groups meetings, but I m finding that we are all on the internet and I love what im seeing and the messages being put out.....

Libre à vous de continuer les discussions en cam avec vos partenaires de jeu, jouer des scénarios en tout anonymat et laisser libre court à vos fantasmes.

I was an active member of the group, posting offers and helping to promote and maintain the group. For one thing, her and her husband tried their best to take everything that was offered in the group.

We're not sure why - maybe to sell it or maybe just to get free stuff. Then she started up her own Freecycle group in Godfrey (a town right next to Alton) just so she could be the moderator. Freecycle mods ordered her to take it down and stop trying to promote it. But I decided to have some fun with her by spoofing a few emails to the Alton Freecycle group, making them appear to come from her. From: Tammy Schutte Date: Wed Jan 19, 2005 pm Subject: OFFER: misc. From: "tamitha75" Date: Wed Jan 19, 2005 pm Subject: re: boguss message Somebody put a message with my name that I did not post.

She also tried setting up a similar group called Curbcycle. She seemed like the type of person that would really flip out about something like that. Sex toys I have one box full of dildos, ticklers, vibrating creams, pocket pussies and a few porn video tapes that I don't need anymore now that I've given my life to God. I have talked with the moderator about this already, and we decided that whomever did this, either can admit to it or there will be a trace put on it tomorrow morning.

I don't know who thinks this site is for games and pranks, but it is not funny. We are even thinking about pressing charges againist the person that did this.

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