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Dislike the graphic changes from VDG`s usual games, great that it has a female perspective. A female protagonist, even if a rather cliche one, adds something of a twist too. Someone care to post a walkthrough for other endings? I like the rather unusual style of taking on the role of the woman for once..

Thanks to all of you who have been posting up the walkthrough, but didn`t follow it until I got the two first. Not spectacular, but at least a deviation from the norm. Great graphics, as usually, but consequences should be more obvious. but then again, they seem to be getting more usual lately and that is awesome! Very good dating game, I spotted 4 endings and had real hard time finding them (Jess/Grace/The guy and her Sarah alone).

It doesn`t matter what order you do them in either.

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Using a virtual date or virtual chat site is more entertaining and engaging than with just searching profiles sending a wink and emailing each other. Virtual dating and chat is an avatar based instant messenger in a simulated dating environment where two people go on a virtual date, or virtual chat if you are looking to widen your social circle of friends, but in a bar or café from the comfort of your own home.

Its a fun way to start a conversation with our online members from all our four categories before you meet someone in person.

Okay so I noticed there`s no proper walkthrough like there usually is for these games so through painful trial and error I have found every outcome that I know of including the threesome, and either the boss (Maddison) or the secretary (Ellie) on their own too. " CLICK CLICK CLICK ~If you want to get the Ellie the secretary ending or the threesome, keep going. ] "Let me see you on your knees." [screen: click ??

I won`t write every command out if it`s one where you only need to click anywhere on the screen to proceed correctly, so I`ll mark those clicks with the phrase "CLICK" regardless of what the onscreen annotation actually says. If not, skip this part~ Speak to Ellie "How about we get some lunch?

" CLICK "I want to talk about you." "Do you like me? You`re gorgeous." CLICK CLICK ~So this is where you`d start if you don`t care about the secretary~ Right, so the aim is to get 4 models, so you can have your party or whatever, and there are loads to choose from, but there are 3 that have a different ending to just asking one question and having sex in the bedroom, so I`ll put those here, as with every other model all you have to do is ask them up to your room.


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    Here’s a snippet of conversation between a single parent and their 17-year-old. ”“It’s a long story.”“What do you mean it’s a long story? It’s an almost standard conversation between parent and child about dating. ”Many of us — the dating divorced — find ourselves experiencing a very interesting role reversal as we head out the door on a weekend evening.

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