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Perhaps it is more accurate to say that the hotel is called Liberty 2 and the massage facilities are located inside of it.

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Er grenzt an China, Laos, Kambodscha, den Golf von Thailand und das Südchinesische Meer. Danach entwickelte sich ein friedliches Zusammenleben zwischen den Yues und den Han während der Trieu-Dynastie. Chr., als sie nach der Schlacht am Bạch Đằng-Fluss die Unabhängigkeit errang.

Das erste historisch belegte Königreich auf dem Gebiet des heutigen Vietnams entstand im 1. Danach folgte eine Blütezeit der Kultur, Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft und Politik.

Regarding the military banknotes depicted above - Although this article is specifically about propaganda currency, the American Military Payment Certificates (MPC) of the Vietnam War are very popular and collected at great expense by many veterans.

For that reason I feel the need to warn collectors that reproductions abound. The Surprise Currency Exchange Artist Phil Fehrenbacher The MPC was a kind of temporary money issued to control the local economy and also to assure that American greenbacks were not accumulated by the enemy.

Vietnam holidays offer a rich tapestry of sights and sounds.


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    Additional assistance may be obtained by contacting the City's Treasury Division by email or by telephone at 703.746.3902.