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Validating schema saml response

My goal will be to describe some of the high-level challenges and solutions found in implementing a Single-Sign-On service.

I wish these two words didn’t share the same root because it surely confuses a lot of people. Every time I start talking about implementing a centralized/unified authentication system, someone jumps in and suggests that we use OAuth.

Metadata class or refer Generating Federation Metadata Dynamically. Identity Server.v2 / src / Libraries / Thinktecture. Protocols / Federation Metadata" over at Thinktecture. Or if your application uses WIF it's in the metadata directory.

Most modern web applications start as a monolithic code base and, as complexity increases, the once small app gets split apart into many “modules”.

Hey – you’ve even automated the validation of the metadata that gets generated for your API every time you commit some changes to your code () You probably know where this is going – but it’s somebody else’s problem, right?