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Despite learning this early on, like an idiot, I have continued to do it with every single version of consumer Windows since 98.

On every occasion, after suffering months of instability, I’ve had to eventually give up and do a fresh install – something that frequently coincides with many hours of tedium, locating software and usually, buying some new hardware.

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To answer this age-old question, people have come up with all kinds of explanations for the persistent problem of PC slowdown.

Yet some of these explanations are little more than myths—backed up not by scientific proof and empirical evidence, but only hearsay and rumor.

Now if there’s one thing I’ve learned since Windows 95 – you DO NOT UPGRADE WINDOWS. [Quick note for noobs – when Microsoft says “upgrade” to Windows 10 it’s suggesting that doing so will improve the experience over using Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 – a highly-contentious claim which I won’t dwell on now.

However, in technical terms, when you install a new Operating System you either do a ‘clean install’ which means you do it from scratch, building from the ground up, or you do an ‘upgrade install’ which dumps the new operating system - and all the old software installed on it - on top of the foundations of the old operating system – which is as stable as it sounds.] Basically, when you do an upgrade install, you are left with an unstable turd of a platform that turns your PC into a crash-happy nightmare and some of your main programs stop working properly.

Declining here means you’re saying no to the free upgrade to Windows 10. As many desktop PC users will know, the Windows App store is little more than a confusing cesspool of a crap versions of otherwise perfectly usable software that you’ll often already own if you want to use it. Rather than do the obvious thing of making one version of Skype that has both a desktop and a touchscreen interface, some oxygen thief thought they’d make two versions. I just know it annoys the heck out of me and I’ve always regretted moving from Windows 7 because of it.