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It had more of a French country feel to it, which signaled the direction she was looking to go in.

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The sad news is that I bought it for a different orientation of the room, and when it floats this way I fear that it’s too small.

Here is a super distorted photo to show you where we are in the house.

Well when I was shopping I found a table that I fell IN LOVE with.

It’s 100 years old and has tons of character/love but it is so simple.

It’s wainscoting is 50 inches high and was installed when we built our home. But it was very very tired and need of a total makeover! Unless you look very, very hard it is not noticeable. It took us five years to save for the 18th century mahogany and cherry dining room furniture that we bought decades ago! We also purchased a more traditional oriental-style area rug from