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Uh oh, the last 10-15 years have a few (explainable, but complicated) bumps?

In digital, good blogs to keep an eye on are Tech Crunch, Moz and Social Media Examiner, but there are many more discover.3) Start An Out-Of-Work Project Another way of updating your skills is to address the issue head-on and start developing your skills in your own time.

Whether it’s building a website using a new platform, setting up a page on a new social platform, or using a new coding language, using these on your own personal project is a great way of developing your skills.

There are many training option you can consider from training on the job to continuing education and distance education options.

Part-time, evening or short-term programs may be right for you.

I sent my glistening new creation to a trusted friend for feedback, and on the other end of the email, I got…crickets. Things change FAST these days, and my two-page behemoth wasn’t cutting it. Luckily, updating my resumé for 2014 didn’t have to be that hard. These days, potential employers still want to be able to skim your resumé for the important stuff. Or, ditch that paragraph entirely and use up that space to show your accomplishments, saving the explanations for the cover letter.