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updating mysql server-53

I need some new features that My SQL 5.6 offers, while my current installation is My SQL 5.5.35.

I'd like to get the latest version (5.6.17 as of this posting) or at least any 5.6.x.

I laready wrote how to update My SQL version (here you have a compilation list of entrances related to My SQL of this blog).

Today’s entrance would like to show you how to update from My SQL 5.6.15 to version 5.6.21 (november 2014). And the second part of this entrance is for installing My SQL for Excel, that you can download here (I did it previously):

Click Download on the bottom right, then copy the link on the next page from No thanks, just start my download. You'll see a prompt that asks you which My SQL product you want to configure.