Tetraplegic dating

I miss celebrations because I can't get to the second floor of a bar. When you're disabled, it's hard not to see only ugliness in the world. One Sunday morning my wife and I got up early and went for breakfast around the corner. This guy didn't care who I was; he didn't care if I was rich or poor, who I voted for, who I prayed to, or if I prayed at all.

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READ MORE: * South Auckland cancer sufferer forced to live in van with family * Waiting list for Nelson state housing doubled last year * Rehab is not enough for teen trainee-jockey turned tetraplegic On the waiting list for a wheelchair-friendly state house for over a year, Penny lived with her mother until the pair fell out in October 2016.

She applied for emergency accommodation through WINZ, who put her, her partner, and child up in a motel.

His specially-made Extreme X8 electric wheelchair can reach speeds of 10km per hour - and Rob has even been able to clear tree branches and tow his dad's 4x4 with it.

It took him through a course which is made up of Britain's "deepest, darkest mud and soul-crushing terrain", according to Tough Mudder organisers.

' It's a wheelchair set on top of a quad bike and I've not found anything that can stop it, yet."Mr Camm was not able to tackle all the obstacles on the course but navigated bumpy and muddy terrains in testing weather.