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Click here to register for July 10-13; Click here to register for July 17-20.

All foreign language (LOTE) educators are invited to attend the Division of English Language Learners and Student Support’s annual Citywide World Languages (LOTE) Conference.

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Several of my girlfriends who are married make considerably more than their husbands do.

Based on various discussions among my single girlfriends, we don't object to dating folks who earn less.

Otherwise, curriculum may inadvertently encourage self-blame by assuming equal responsibility, especially if sexual assault components are included in the program.

In order to avoid this, Hong suggests intervening specifically with young men, at an age when self-identity is frequently being pushed towards traditional assumptions of masculinity.

The event will be take place from am-pm in the Grand Gallery of the American Museum of Natural History. NYC educators are invited to apply for the Innovation Partner Professional Development (IPPD) Summer 2017 Program.


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    On the face of it, his new role does not sound like the sort of thing that one might imagine Le Blanc - who played the dim-witted Joey Tribbiani in Friends - would instantly have been attracted to.

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    The points collect depending on product by shopping in BIC CAMERA and can purchase other products as 1.1 yen.

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    It's not entirely our fault, cloud storage is the service most commonly talked about in the consumer space.

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    A Crash Course in Online Dating for the Technically Challenged 5 Age-Defying Dating Tips Children as Gatekeepers?