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Am I: A: Quiet and shy; B: Outgoing and chatty; C: Optimistic and confident?

OK, playing cards, yes, gardening, yes, walking, yes...

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Learn english british council encourage me, motivate me, make me love english so much.

Ashlie texting: Green scarves everywhere – I should have worn a flower Stephen texting: Look right – Man in hat – Green scarf – Flowers Man: Ashlie? Best wishes, Peter The Learn English Team I like this series so much, very helpful for me.

Throughout the centuries, Cologne remained a place of historical importance for trade, due to its important location on the Rhine River.

During World War II the city was heavily bombed and most of its historical core was destroyed and rebuilt in the fifties and sixties.

With its beautiful palaces, it boasts some of the world’s most fascinating architecture.