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“Take these pills, buy these clothes, take this exercise program.

Buy it from us and you will look like how you’re SUPPOSED to look.” Well what are you supposed to look like? And people have been taught to chase this ‘dream’ by paying something to somebody to achieve that sort of look.

Our stories feature everything to do with BBWs & SSBBWs from fat to obese and beyond, as well as feeders & feedees and other standards of this kind of fiction.

Ultimately WG or WG-Squared) is a place where authors of Female Weight Gain and Fat fiction can post their works, talk about common interests & techniques and generally critique, commiserate, and communicate the woes and wonders of writing tales of female WG.

“Thereis this cultural question in our society about what people should looklike.

And women in our culture are TOLD what they should look like by the cosmetic companies, the clothing companies, the diet companies - people wanna sell you something.

I have no problem admitting I'm not the slimmest myself- used to weigh over 300 pounds and I used to think that I was attracted to them because they... I would definitely give their massive belly all the attention it needs. but I've made a few post and only received one response from a person who has since left EP. I'm an ex vet did 10 years service spent 5 years in Afghanistan with 187 Army regiment. I had the chance to meet a great guy, he was supper fat ... but I've always been attracted to both normal sized and fat men, but I've only dated normal guys.


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    I love video games while having a cool beer on the side and listening to every genre of music there is.

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    As Mickey himself noted, she transferred her romantic attention to the Doctor.

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    Technical traders look for support and resistance levels in price charts, and traders use those levels to make buy and sell decisions.

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    Helping others: George , aged 53, and 37-year-old Amal Alamuddin's wedding is where their mutual friends reportedly hit it off, as the couple were pictured during their civil ceremony in Venice, Italy George and 37-year-old Amal are supportive of the relationship as the insider claimed: 'George and Amal love them together!