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The interactive map built by the Speed Dating Network App reveals these potential matches, allows users to move nodes around to see all the connections on the network, and remains in existence after the conference has ended.

The app could eventually be used in other ways, for instance by corporations wanting to maximize creative synergies by placing key employees’ offices near one another.

If the Rebels can blow up the Death Star in 11 minutes, let’s see if you can make a love connection in only three.

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Linka said she wanted to explore the issues and rules of some developing nations against the backdrop of America.

The second event I attended, YALSA’s YA Author Coffee Klatch, is where I had the pleasure of hearing from authors who have appeared on one of YALSA’s annual selected lists or have received one of its literary awards.

In one hour I spoke with 14 authors in 3-minute increments about their upcoming releases. Gratz is encouraging fans of the series to share their creative responses by submitting them to

Catherine Linka’s features a present-day alternate American history in which the main character, Avie, is sold as a teenage bride.

Designed by graduate students Christos Nicolaides and Jameson Toole working with Assistant Professor Marta González and Assistant Professor Pedro Reis, the app builds a network map during a conference based on real-time input from attendees using computers or mobile devices.


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