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Lord Pilkington of Oxenford, a member of Parliament's Ecclesiastical committee, said: "I regard it as remarkably insensitive. They could show some sensitivity to the church." One senior lay member of the abbey congregation said: "It is an incredibly inflammatory idea so soon after the uproar they caused with their church wedding.

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Rather than wading into the deep and murky waters of our pressing, controversial questions of the day, I want to establish whether or not there is truly an Anglican understanding of marriage to speak of and how, if at all, this should affect our teaching and practice.

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi Anglicanism has a long and venerable history of expressing its theology primarily through worship.

While the 39 Articles and the Catechism provide guiding principles, the liturgy is both the place where the link between Anglicanism and historic Christianity is realized and where the particularities of the Anglican theological emphasis are brought to bear.

This is demonstrated perhaps most aptly when it comes to marriage, upon which the formularies are largely silent.

And not just a little wrong, but fundamentally mistaken about the most essential elements of marriage.