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Seriously, though, it provides a beautifully deep, full and musical bass underpinning to any music and gives movie sound effects unforgettable punch. The fact that I still use it daily 25 years later speaks volumes for its build quality and durability*.

In today’s market, an integrated amp with this level of performance would cost $2,000 or more.

This is a fabulous sub, a classic of its kind, but it's far more than I need or can really use.

With a 12" driver, a steady output of 180 watts RMS and a peak of 720w (or nearly three-quarters of a kilowatt) it could shake the fillings from your teeth, cause an earthquake or get you evicted from the city, let alone your house. Very good cosmetic and working condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $200.00 The Yamaha A1000 integrated amp was their top model from 1982-1984, and offered almost all of the flexibility and performance of separates at a very attractive price.

The creditors include HM Revenue and Customs, which is owed more than £400,000; kit manufacturers ISC owed £215,717.76; the Rugby Football League, owed more than £66,000, and Bradford Council which is owed almost £30,000.


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    Information about one of the rock layers will appear – drag the hammer and drop it onto the layer you think is being described. This layer formed on top of earlier rocks after they were tilted and eroded away.

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    After winning gold medals at their Junior Grand Prix events in Budapest and Torun, they qualified to the JGP Final, where they took the silver medal behind Ksenia Monko / Kirill Khaliavin.