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“If you have a daughter going to any college in America, you need to see , is that campus sexual assaults are not “just a date gone bad, or a bad hook-up, or, you know, miscommunication.” Instead, the filmmakers argue, campus rape is “a highly calculated, premeditated crime,” one typically committed by serial predators.(They give significant screen time to David Lisak, the retired psychology professor who originated this theory.) The second theme is that even when school administrators are informed of harm done to female students by these repeat offenders, schools typically do nothing in response.asserts that young women are in grave danger of sexual assault as soon as they arrive on college campuses.

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An outsider’s interference with marriage can cost the outsider big bucks in North Carolina.

Fairly high-dollar awards in such cases have existed here for a number of years, a fact not generally known.

To prove this case legally, however, you must satisfy the following: As this cause of action has been around for nearly a century, there are numerous judicial opinions that have established more detailed rules with regard to NC alienation of affection and how to prove the elements above.

For instance, it is not necessary for you to prove that the mistress actually set out to destroy your marriage, simply showing that she engaged in acts that would have a foreseeable impact on your marriage is enough.

No Peer Education: No SV education for incoming students?