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ON A STIFLINGLY HOT AFTERNOON in late August, at an abandoned oil field twenty miles south of Houston, more than a dozen people hunted for the bodies of dead women.“Right here,” shouted Tim Miller, a grim, wiry building contractor who was at the controls of a large backhoe. “That’s where we need to dig.” It is known as the “killing fields,” and it is a lonely, spooky patch of land: In the stillness of the day you can hear the yips of small wild animals and the distant rumble of traffic along Interstate 45 about a mile away.Besides the rising of the sun and the ebbing of the tides, there is perhaps nothing more constant and recurring throughout the generations as young love.

It was this same guy who "convinced" young Abella to start shooting porn.

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“Let’s start here.” Nearby were a dozen search dogs, including four trained to detect the scent of decomposing human flesh. Many people who live in the surrounding towns and bedroom communities won’t come near the place.

A few construction workers, employees of Miller’s, were on hand to help, as were friends and even Miller’s ex-wife. Since 1984, the remains of four young women have been found here—each one nude, on her back, under a tree, with her arms folded.

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