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‘I understand why you might be upset but that was all said as a joke and no one was taking anything seriously in that group,’ the message from one of the men read. However, if you dont know how to attract women in person and then you also write like a little boy (or girl women will not give you a free pass by letting your mistake slide.The onus seems to be on the defendant to prove that his relationship with the child was not an attempt to coerce him/her into a sexual relationship at some point down the chatting to under 16 yr olds breaking the law... i'm currently havin a debate on the issue and cant find any laws on line that give aclear indication.. . an interesting case :huh: how young would the bloke have to be for it to be okay for him to kiss her then? if you dont meet up and have sex or dont have general contact but thru emails, r tx;s u have chatted in general r even in a sexual way is the chat unlawful especially if the person is over the age of 16 thats chatting... thanks If in doubt stay clear save yourself any problems :)I don't think it is illegal to just talk to somebody regardless of age, but I reckon it's a bit risky.

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A new survey on sexting found that 88 percent of respondents, ages 18-82, said they'd done it, and 82 percent said they'd done it in the past year (including the 82-year-old).

Also, nearly 75 percent said they sexted in the context of a committed relationship, while 43 percent said they sexted as part of a casual relationship.

Likewise I was very fond of an ex girlfriend's 15 year old daughter..... From what I am researching on the net there is a law enforcement that basically says you should not be chatting to underage children on the net. So he might be talking about 15 year old boys chatting up 15 year old girls over msm after having spent the day in school with them.

I still wouldn't dream of getting in touch with her. I will put up the link but it may take me a few hours as I am rubbish putting up links. Clearly any law against talking to Ok Heyesey, my apologies I didn't mean you.

Trump appeared on Stern's radio program for decades, and while many of his appearances have been reported on, KFile's review has turned up previously unreported examples of Trump engaging in crude conversations.