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Naomi, 38, met him at the Cannes Film Festival in May, shortly after the outburst on a British Airways flight that led to her arrest, and they have been inseparable ever since.During the all-night party on the yacht, the pair were seen dancing closely to the music of a gipsy band.

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In other It must be love — Naomi Campbell stripped down to make a commercial for her billionaire boyfriend’s new luxury building in Moscow.

Supermodel Campbell is seen writhing in bed, swimming in a pool, working out in a gym and getting ready for the office and then on a night out in a Russian TV and Internet ad for Vladimir Doronin’s swanky apartment building called “Legend of Tsvetnoy.” As the cheesy spot with a breathy female voice-over in Russian comes to an end, a pouting Campbell coos melodramatically in English: “I listen to your heart, Moscow.

Her high heel ankle boots are to-die-for but we're actually more than a little obsessed with her studded mini skirt.

It's by our favourite designer Isabel Marant and we're just gutted we didn't get our hands on this when it was first for sale.

This is not the first time Naomi has sparked concern with her thinning hair, as the supermodel, originally from Streatham, South London, has worn straight extensions over her naturally curly hair for a number of years.