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This series was interrupted by Marvel's 2015 Secret Wars event, and ended with issue #10.

Spider-Woman was relaunched several months later with a new issue #1, still written by Hopeless and continuing the story from the previous volume.

In 2009, the character received her second self-titled limited series, written by Bendis, which ran for seven issues.

As part of the 2014 Spider-Verse event, Spider-Woman began her third ongoing series, this time written by Dennis Hopeless.

The total energy that the sun has radiated away over its lifetime is approximately the product of the current rate at which energy is being emitted, which is called the solar luminosity, times the age of the sun.


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    When the 5th Hokage, Tsunade, took Sakura as her discipline, Sakura managed to catch up to her contemporaries, though is still a incredibly weak ninja compared to Naruto and Sasuke.