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Despite his defensive hardware, Noah never was a top-end rebounder even while healthy, and the combination of his lingering knee injury and quicker opponents made his failings in that realm all the more apparent.As always, though, there remain the easy go-to caveats created by the presence of the Bulls organization’s go-to excuse: former head coach Tom Thibodeau.

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Johnson at the Chicago Tribune: You’ll notice, unless K. is omitting something (and he wouldn’t), that Gasol stopped short of the same sort of, “Yeah, let me get back to playing with Noah again” sentiment.

Though the injury played a major role in what eventually became a relatively disastrous year for Noah, his shift down to power forward (in order to accommodate Gasol, a celebrated free agency signee) at times crippled both Chicago’s defense and offense.

Gasol’s assist percentage dipped considerably in his first year with Chicago, in ways that can’t be blamed on poor Bulls perimeter shooting.

Report: Suns halt Pau trade talks; Gasol needs more time to heal up— For now, it seems, the Pau Gasol-to-Phoenix trade is off the table.

The Thunder are rolling — For a team with championship aspirations, it was exactly the kind of game they needed to win: A close game, on the road, against another contender.