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For installs that have set the language to a language different from English (United States), you can also install translation updates. If you want to see this screen with updates available for plugins, themes and translations, check this media file of a Word Press installed in Dutch.

When visiting the Dashboard Updates Screen, if you are running the lastest version of Word Press, you should see messages like this: After a successful upgrade is achieved, it is a good time to review any new features about the new Version just installed.

To do that, press and hold the power button (Sleep/Wake) until you see the “slide to power off” slider. Now press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears.

“You should update your resume every six to 12 months to add new skills and experiences,” says Monster career expert Vicki Salemi.

For example, if your server runs as https, and your files live in /var/wordpress do a "chown -R apache.apache /var/wordpress." Note that you might want to edit some permissions for security purposes, in particular a chmod 640 on wp-config.php, to protect access information to your database.

The download and then installation process began automatically.

Here are some fixes you may try if this process takes a long time.


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