Mobileme contacts not updating hlstatsx not updating

Make a change on your i Phone, and you should see the update immediately on your Mac desktop and from the Mobile Me web apps.For i Phone and i Pod touch users, that means Mobile Me remains an “Exchange for the rest of us.” As we noted in the segment on pricing comparisons, Mobile Me offers a ground breaking level of service at a very competitive price, significantly lower than hosted Exchange Server plans that deliver far less storage space and don’t provide Web DAV file and web hosting at all, nor Mobile Me’s other data synchronization features between linked computers.With the new format, your calendars are stored in the cloud with Mobile Me but apps such as i Cal on the Mac and Calendar on i OS can interact with these calendars through a standard called Cal DAV.

2) While some of our customers are clearly using both, we don't see much benefit to using two cloud-based calendaring services whose feature sets overlap almost completely.

Instead, we think users will eventually choose Mobile Me calendars or Google Calendar, but not both.

Inside Mobile Me: Secrets of the Cloud and Mobile Push Inside Mobile Me: Mac and PC cloud sync and mobile push Inside Mobile Me: Apple’s Push vs Exchange, Black Berry, Google Inside Mobile Me: i Phone Mail Inside Mobile Me: i Phone’s Exchange alternative for contacts and calendar Inside Mobile Me: Web 3 and Web Client-Server apps Inside Mobile Me: i Phone’s Exchange alternative for contacts and calendar Exchange for the rest of us Shortly after the launch of Mobile Me, Apple admitted that it may have oversold its new service as being an alternative to Exchange.

After all, there is no mechanism for instant push from desktop apps to the cloud; Exchange is an always-on groupware server.

I set up my account using the "Hotmail" option just as the steps said to do.