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Kate Kelly, co-founder of a Mormon women's group, who was excommunicated last year, has lost her final appeal to regain membership in the Utah-based church (Kelly pictured with her husband Neil Ransom during a vigil in June 2014) Kelly of Ordain Women said she learned on Saturday that the highest authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had rejected her appeal (above her Twitter post after receiving the news) Ordain Women's Executive Board Chair Debra Jenson said she was deeply saddened by the choice of the First Presidency to uphold the excommunication (above the group posted a Twitter post on Friday that said they were concerned about the State of Women in Utah)'I am proud of what I have done.

I am proud of the women and men who have taken a stand with me in this struggle for gender justice.

The Bell on display under the Trinity College gazebo on the site of the original Trinity College and High School was made by the Henry Mc Shane & Co. The Bell and the Gothic style papyrus-leaf columns that the gazebo stands upon are the only surviving Trinity College artifacts in Trinity.

Both appear to date to the post-Civil War renovation and expansion of the original 1855 brick Trinity College building.

Luckily, a couple of notes in the Franklinville section of The Courier (published in Asheboro), explain further. We are glad to have this camp in our community, which is centrally located in the new erosion extension.” (June 6, 1935) The camp was apparently built on a 5-acre tract which the federal government must have leased from J. Burgess, who had inherited it after the dead of his father John H. A note from the May 12, 1936 Courier tells us that the camp had been built and was in operation doing soil conservation work : M. Cheek has done much work on his farm two and a third miles south of Franklinville. By private work and the aid of the CCC camp, the farm has been mapped, terraces run, pastures built, and land selected for the most suitable crops. Cheek bought the first of three tracts in this property from the heirs of George York in September, 1935 (DB 268, P425).


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