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Estonia has nearly 1,500 islands and islets, and its boulder-strewn coastline is hauntingly wild; Latvia's natural assets include the white-sand, pine-fringed beaches of the "Baltic Riviera"; and optimistic treasure-hunters still comb the coast of lake-filled Lithuania in search of glowing chunks of amber.

Tourism is big business for the Balts, and most are pretty forgiving about the odd bit of Western ignorance or naivety.

It’s made with fresh lemongrass and red chillies, so watch out…Thanks for the pic jetalone . Bourbon whiskey, USA: Head to Kentuky’s Bourbon County for a swig of the good stuff at its original source. Konyagi, Tanzania: Folk rave about Tanzania’s local rum: it’s got a spicy, citrussy kick but goes down smooth as silk.

They’ve been serving locally distilled bourbon here since the 18 century – prop yourself up at a dive bar and ask for six-year aged brew served straight over ice with water. Ouzo, Greece: Every neighbourhood in Greece has an ouzerie, where you can sip the national drink and snack on meze – typically small plates of octopus, olives and feta cheese. Drink it with any mixer, or use in a Dawa cocktail (Swahili for ‘medicine’): that’s two shots of Konyagi with sqeezed lime juice, crushed ice, honey, brown sugar and a dash of tonic. Grappa, Italy: A sweet-smelling pomace brandy made from grapes, Grappa is served all over Italy as a digestif. Koskenkorva, Finland: Know locally as Kossu, this is Finland’s most popular spirit.

Turning to trade marks, one can understand how the very notions of trade mark ownership by privately owned enterprises to prohibit unauthorised use of identical or similar signs for identical or similar goods/services (not to speak of dissimilar goods/services), licensing, franchising, and so much else that one takes for granted in trade mark law elsewhere were relatively alien concepts.


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    This service includes screening individuals for admission to a psychiatric hospital (private and state-operated) on voluntary and involuntary basis.