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Lister D's were produced right up until 1964 which says a great deal for their design. They are an ideal engine for anyone just starting out on their stationary engine hobby. I normally display this engine driving a 12 volt dynamo that powers a lighting board. Here you can see the exhaust and carburettor, with the linkage to the governor clearly shown.This gives the engine some work to do as they don't like just running off load, they tend to soot up. The black box behind the belt driven dynamo is the voltage regulator.If this has happened to you, please do register again, and we will accept you. Meanwhile, don't forget to check out the LEF Gallery! breaks down to engine number 643 of year produced, LR = model, 1=number of cylinders, then 18 plus 1950 = 1968 production year.

Click on these links for the other engines Production of the D type began in 1926 and so this is an early example. This contains the instruction booklet and is rarely seen nowadays as most have been lost. The brass cup near the water level sign contains grease for lubricating the valve rocker shaft.

It was supplied with a pump set to Pillinger & Co, Lister agents in London, on the 15th October 1929. This is screwed in a little every so often to force grease into the bearings.

Lister D Video Clip 02 This clip shows the engine running, from the flywheel side.

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