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Most of them are mama’s boys too, so don’t diss their moms. Now he keeps emailing to apologize, but he also confessed to liking me for a long time. Is a successful boyfriend-to-best-friend switch possible? I had a similar situation, and didn’t want to break up with my boyfriend. The moral of that story is: If, in time, your gut starts heaving at the sight of your boyfriend, but fluttering in response to the other guy, it’s possible.

You waste money and time constantly traveling and talking on the phone. The best thing I ever did was to get a boyfriend at my law school.

Students, feel free to send a link to this post to your loved ones (or print this page and mail it to those less tech-savvy loved ones). Legalese will find its way into your dinner conversations. If you really want to bone up on the subject, by all means – but it’s certainly not required. It reminds us that there’s still a whole other world outside law school, and that can be incredibly refreshing. Voice your needs when appropriate – and, if possible, not during final exams time. Much more could be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. During final exam season, you may want to find yourself a hobby. You may feel helpless to comfort them – but actually, it’s quite the opposite.

Your law student has other law students to talk about that stuff with, anyway. When the law student in your life says she’s busy, over and over again…she probably is. You may hear from your law student less around this time of year. You have the power to ground your law student in reality, and remind them of the bigger picture. Your law student can face very serious, even career-threatening consequences for giving legal advice, and she knows it.

My boyfriend sometimes jerks off in our bed after he thinks I’ve fallen asleep.