Internet explorer not updating

However, if I type in the address in Internet Explorer, an older version of the picture displays in the browser. Same behavior from multiple PC's, get an old version from a PC that never access the address, so not likely to be related to the PC accessing the picture. Will give this a try when the behavior occurs again.

What makes this interesting is if I type that same address in another browser, specifically Fire Fox and Chrome, I always see the most recent updated picture. The only way we have found to resolve this issue is to set a task to reset the IIS every hour. These pictures are being displayed on a digital signage app, 9 'dashboards' on one flat screen.

I've considered providing a "Download PDF" link (that sets the ), but my company does not like that solution at all, because we really want these PDF files to display in the browser.

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This process involves editing the Windows Registry, so it may be a good idea to back up your registry accordingly.

Working on a project where we are storing pictures(.png) on IIS 6.

There is a known issue with opening a PDF in Internet Explorer (v 6, 7, 8, 9) with Adobe Reader X (version 10.0.*).

The browser window loads with an empty gray screen (and doesn't even have a Reader toolbar).

So, this won’t block a seasoned geek, but it’ll at least keep your kids from opening up the wrong browser!