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You must download and install the patches for the updates related to Oracle Service Oriented Architecture, Oracle Business Activity Monitoring, and Oracle Service Bus. You will find one or two of them based on the clusters you have configured on your domain. This issue is limited to a compact domain setup and not happen in an expanded domain configuration. Workaround: Either configure an expanded domain or follow the instructions below: Bug ID: 22937770 Added on: 16 March 2016 Platform: All Activity names must be unique.

Carefully read and follow the instructions provided in the This section lists all the known issues/limitations related to OS/Feature support. However, an additional patch will be provided shortly after the Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight product is announced. If they are not unique, it may cause an unexpected behavior.

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Quite often all Administrators, even Exchange Administrators simply refer to the users they see in the Address section of Outlook casually as the GAL for ease of reference, but really more often than not, you are looking at the OAB.

However sometimes in large complex organisations we have a situation where a new joiner joins and their colleagues want to email them immediately, but they don’t appear in Outlook for them so they call the Helpdesk “Why isn’t Joe Bloggs in the GAL??

The throughput of the underlying SOA Composites/Service Bus projects on which the Insight models are based can become degraded. Workaround: It is recommended that the deliver mode of the Insight JMS Queue (named Proc Mon Event Queue) is updated to "non-persistent". This time value is to be ignored as the data will always be for one entire day as per the date that is also displayed. Workaround: Ignore the value of the time displayed and go only by the date shown since each point on the X axis represents data for one whole day.

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If these attributes are present, then the AD Objects that are Mail-Enabled or Mailbox-Enabled will appear in the GAL – and ultimately the Offline Address Book.