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Freddy and sam dating on icarly internet dating debate

[Freddie turns on his pear pad and starts messing around with his laptop a little bit, then turns towards Sam and starts speaking into the pear pad] Hey, it's Freddie. I'm not worthy of freedom, I deserve to rot in my cell. What you did was- [Nora's mother interrupts with her crying] Without.. These nice i Carly kids have forgiven you for what you did.

So, uh, a lot of people have been talking about whether Sam and I should, you know, go out with each other. It's, not a joyful life but, not much worse than the life I used to have. without consequences- [Nora interrupts with a guilty noise] A person never learns- [Nora interrupts once again with a gulity noise] Oh, just let her go, let her go! And since your life up to this point has been truly.. [clicks his pen and starts writing] Nora Dershlit is hereby granted parole, to be immediately released, to the custody of her parents.

When Freddie, doesn't have the same feelings as Carly does toward him, Sam is a bit shocked.

Whe she finds out he likes someone else, she really wants to know who it is.

A bunch of Seddie one-shots where Sam and Freddie are dating in every chapter. Sam and Freddie have been dating each other for a month."Carly, that's enough eye make up.