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The last great phase in the introduction of new culture evidence were the adventurous voyages southward...about A. These were the kumara..taro..uhi or yham..the hue or gourd....

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After a few minutes, I met a man named Kamil who spoke some English, and he invited me into his family’s tent.

After talking with him a bit, I learned that it was actually a few families’ tent, and that there were 12 people living in it—five adults and seven children.

After about 45 minutes, we crossed the checkpoint that meant we were leaving the Kurdish region, and a few minutes later, right when my phone’s blue dot was starting to get close enough to Mosul for my liking, I looked out the car’s right window and saw the camp: We pulled in, spent a bunch of time convincing the camp officials and ourselves that I was a journalist, and eventually I was allowed in.

I didn’t have a plan, exactly, so I started walking through the long lines of tents, noting that the 118°F (48°C) temperature I had been suffering through all week must be almost lethal here, where the only escape was in a tent.

The Polynesians utilised the moa for food while from its bones they manufactured ornaments, fish hooks, bird spear points, and other items...


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