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The popular sportscaster managed to stay composed at the beginning of her testimony, but broke down in tears as soon as she was asked to tell the court about the moment in July 2009 she learned an almost five-minute long video of her naked had been put on the internet.

She later testified about having to fly with her father to Los Angeles during the FBI investigation to watch the video in full for the first time, saying that the agents wanted to be certain it was not a publicity stunt.

'They said he was just small': Aged two (left), Dean was developing differently from other children and would grow tired more easily.

It was not until the age of seven (right) that a geneticist would diagnose him She said: 'We have just tried to make every moment count for him as best we could.

See, the problem if they play the “we were just out drinking” and “we’re just friends” card, is that couples like Rihanna and Matt Kemp ruined that line; they repeatedly said they were just friends but it turned out they were really together.