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I for one felt that Sofia Vergara's role as Cici the hot waitress who is one of the three lovely ladies being wooed by handsome hunk and jet setter Thomas Fuentes (played by the only male star Eduardo Verastegui) was silly enough to make it believable that she would fall into the trap of the male gigolo Thomas Fuentes. Vergara's stardom has continued to rise as does most men's blood pressure when they see her.My summary statement above that the film Chasing Papi is a female version of the great Three Stooges (Curly, Larry and Moe) also assisted the producers in selecting Ms.

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The successful and handsome wolf executive of the cosmetic industry Thomas Fuentes has three sexy Latin girlfriends: in Miami, the waitress Cici; in Chicago, the intellectual lawyer Lorena; and in New York, the "daddy's girl" Patricia.

When the three women decide to visit him in Los Angeles, Thomas is in a big trouble. But why not let your beauty show on the outside and share it with the whole world? And like the great Daisy Fuentes said, "We must all express our salsa gene because it allows us to be as beautiful as we are." Muchas gracias.

They surprised everyone when they announced Marjorie's pregnancy, but things went south after the baby was born.