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Prior to that, it was a logging camp (the log portion of the main house was one of Northern Door County's first buildings, dating from the 1850's). Now, with two cottages converted and adapted from century-old farm buildings, the heritage of hosting artists and friends of the arts, is being maintained.The owners' interest in Old Russian culture is reflected in the architectural and decorative details. Based on a fanciful interpretation of old Slavic architecture, it is composed of salvaged ancient barn beams and thick, rustic slabs cut from old pine logs.

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One of my favorite parts of this job is interviewing people from my grandparents’ generation – a generation that grew up during the Great Depression and found joy in the simple things: dances, dating and Sunday drives.

In time for Valentine’s Day, I caught up with two members of that generation, Sister Bay couple Richard and Bette Gadient, whose love story goes back 75 years to a dance hall in Davenport, Iowa. “I had a blind date with his brother.” “Younger brother, the rat,” Richard laughs. Bigger, too, and tougher.” “We went to a movie and he mentioned that his older brother was going to Grinnell College in the fall and I happened to be going to Grinnell College in the fall so we set up a date at the Credit Island Golf Shop,” Bette says. The idea was that we both were going off to school.

Wrap yourself in this picturesque setting by walking our nature trails, kayaking in the bay, relaxing on the private beach and enjoying a spectacular sunset.

Join us for a few days or a few weeks; we look forward to hosting you. Please check back soon or call for information: (920) 839-2331.

Please do not send e-mails requesting tee times, changes, or cancellations.