Xxx 777 - Dog intimidating other dogs

This is not a bad thing, by any stretch of the imagination, however it tends to lead to a few issues without the proper training. In this Animal Wised article we'll tell you why is your dog scared of other dogs with the best tips to deal with its fear.

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Fear is a necessary and vital emotion: It allows animals to react in the face of danger, but if fear turns into a phobia or arises at inappropriate times it can become a big problem, and walks can become very stressful for your dog.

Does it cower and want to run away, or growl at the other dog to try and intimidate it?

It’s easy to say “my dog hates other dogs” and simply be done with it by avoiding contact with other dogs, however this is among the worst choices that you could make, and for a multitude of reasons: Dogs, just like us humans, are social creatures.

They tend to not fair so well in complete isolation, and just by looking at the dog’s ancestor, the wolf, we can see that they, at a primordial level, are meant to work together and coexist with each other in packs, just like we are meant to coexist with each other in society.

You want a dog to be able to interact peacefully with a variety of dogs, especially if you're considering bringing a second dog into your home.