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It was just as sudden as the marriage itself, and many were wondering if perhaps the couple rushed into things.

Now, new reports are surfacing that the reason for the abrupt ending could be the off screen chemistry between Kate and her TV co-star, David Sutcliffe.

The cast included Amy Brenneman, Paul Adelstein, Tim Daly, Taye Diggs, Chris Lowell, and Merrin Dungey. and Josh Hopkins also appeared in Private Practice.

“Kate and David had a real connection playing lovers on the show, and she didn’t seem to have that with her own husband.” Kate’s determination to keep her struggling show alive meant spending more time at the “office,” regularly working 16-hour days on the show.

Charlotte ups the ante for Addison in her job offer by dangling surgeries in front of her, while patients at the practice include a cross-dressing fireman, an infant with an abnormally large head and a woman with insomnia as a result of her son's tendency towards violence.

“There were no signs that there was any trouble in paradise.” Yet, just a week after Katherine’s Nov.

15 bash, Kate and hubby Alex Young called it quits, according to divorce papers he filed in Los Angeles. Friends say one of the main reasons is Kate’s growing closeness with David Sutcliffe, the divorced hunk who plays her love interest on her Grey’s Anatomy spin-off.

As Kate’s character and David’s character have grown closer, so have the actors.