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It served as a reminder that a large part (though certainly not the only part) of happiness within a marriage comes from putting the other first in your thoughts and deeds. At the core of, what I like to call, a person's entrepreneurial journey to find love is a deep understanding of their own identity. ", you are trying to find out the following: What kind of a person are you? Dating is the time to start wrestling with these questions and letting the answers unfold.

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Millward did find there were huge differences in the attention each profile received.

He noticed the two women who were at the top of his attractiveness scale received 581 percent more messages than the other three women combined.

Pressure to be with the type of person your friends and family think you should want or be with or pressure to conform to others' dating rules can sometimes lead you in the wrong direction.

That doesn't mean you should never listen to advice and feedback from those close to you when it comes to matters of the heart (there is certainly a time for that), but be careful not to let their desires be or overtake your desires.

Tinder, the hugely successful dating app whereby users are matched simply by swiping through profile photos of people nearby and skipping or approving potential suitors, is known for its unique approach; convenient at best and shallow at worst.