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While the Elections Canada investigation initially focused on calls sent into Guelph amidst nationwide complaints, the investigation expanded to complaints in other ridings across the country.

Court documents filed in mid-August 2012 by the Commissioner of Canada Elections indicated that the elections watchdog had received complaints of fraudulent or misleading calls in 247 of Canada's 308 ridings, recorded in all ten provinces and at least one territory.

In addition, I supplement these games with mathematical models from evolutionary game theory. I have tested predictions about the specificity/generality of these cognitive mechanisms, including examining claims that humans possess mental algorithms specifically designed for dealing with people who “cheat” in social contracts. I have recently done work that empirically demonstrates this “stability-dependent cooperation” and shows how people (especially those of high status) will manipulate that to their own advantage.

Within the broad topic of cooperation, I am currently pursuing the following non-mutually exclusive lines of research: Please e-mail me for a copy of any of these articles. 3) COSTLY PUNISHMENT: people are willing to incur costs to punish others who don’t cooperate, and cooperation is much higher when punishment is present.

Given the seriousness with which the evening began, host Errin White, guided the crowd back to the comedy show quickly with a hilarious bit about her father, since Father's Day is on Sunday.


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